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We are dedicated to providing quality legal services to individuals and organizations in a changing world and help them with complex and sophisticated legal matters through thoughtful solutions, whilst maintaining the highest degree of ethical standard.

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And Compliance

With a deep knowledge of the commercial transactions and regulatory compliance, we structure complex transactions, and provide general compliance advice to our corporate entities on legal issues which most regularly impact their businesses.

Communication, Technology And Intellectual Property

Our firm offer clients with regulatory counsel transactional representation in every aspect of their technology needs, including and not limited to data security and privacy; patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret protection; regulatory compliance; and IP litigation.

Dispute Resolution

The firm provides consistent high level of service by giving appropriate contentious advice on mitigating risks and representing clients to resolving intricate and complex disputes of various forms.


We are knowledgeable and offer cutting-edge solutions and advice on employment related issues. Our practice in this area includes devising creative ways to address clients' wrongful dismissal, compensation and benefits concerns, to preserve client flexibility and minimize risks

Real Estate

We help our various clients with strategic advice and practical solutions on real estate transactions and contentious matters, with a technically proficient understanding and depth of experience of the multi-faceted, commercial, residential and mixed-use property industry.


We help clients resolve tax issues arising from transactions and general business operations by offering deep knowledge and innovative workable solutions. The firm advises and assists clients on the computation of the tax liability and the preparation and filing of tax returns in Nigeria.

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Frequently Ask Questions

It is ideal and helpful when a lawyer is engaged in forming a business. By virtue of their training, lawyers are familiar and can properly advise on the best model for a new business, while also considering issues on tax liabilities and other regulations to be complied with.   

Yes, you need a lawyer for a business transaction right from pre-contract stage to post-completion. Aside from reviewing transactional documents, a lawyer will guide you on the validity of the transaction.

Yes, you can sue for internet defamation in Nigeria. The laws on defamation accommodates defamatory publication made on the internet. What matters most is that such publication fits into the walls of defamation as defined by legal authorities and pieces of evidence to be relied upon can pass the admissibility test of evidence.

More often than not, friendships are not established and guided by written documents, and this is presumed to stem from the absence of financial duty and certain roles imposed on the persons involved unlike business. However, to make a business that involves profit and loss sharing sacrosanct, it is advisable to have a partnership agreement regulating the affairs of the partners. While an informal oral agreement may look casually sufficient, enforcing and proving the content of such agreement becomes almost impossible. 

For every society, there are laws regulating the affairs of the human inhabitants. Therefore, it is important to understand the laws of the land. Nonetheless, a basic understanding of regulations is insufficient in a precarious situation or a business terrain that requires in-depth knowledge or a perspective achieved through a legal prism. Hence, the importance to retain the services of a lawyer. 

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